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Acupuncture for Headache& Migraine

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At all balance wellness centre, our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture practitioners offer an effective and proven combination of Herbs and Acupuncture for headache and migraine sufferers.

We have seen clients who have experienced headaches or migraines for several years, and only within few treatments, they have been able to or reduce their frequency and intensity by 70 %- 100 %, some of them even completely eliminate their headaches or migraines.

The Common causes of headaches: which type do you have?

1. Due to exogenous pathogenic factors

When the climate changes unusually or when the healthy qi of the human body is not sufficient and resistibility declines, the six climatic evils -wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire may injury the human body and lead to disease. Usually wind, cold, heat, and dampness are the main reasons cause headache.

a).Wind-cold headache

The wind-cold headache is caused by the evil caused by the feeling of wind chill, the onset is more urgent, headache is heavy, mainly in the forehead and the sun area, often involved in the neck tight feeling, in case of wind chill headache immediately aggravated. As a result of the cold bundle surface hair occlusion, and headache without sweat, lung qi can be accompanied by cough, sneezing, nasal congestion, or runny nose.

b).Wind-heat headache

The wind-heat headache is urgent, headache is heavy, accompanied by a heavy head and burning feeling, often have a fever, a sense of heat in the head, like a cool wind, when the heat is heavy, thirsty and painful pharynx, urine is red and yellow, constipation, nasal turbidness or toothache.

c).Wind-dampness headache

The wind-dampness headache is cold and damps stuck in the head meridians, Qi, and blood obstruction. Systemic headache is more partial to one side, or alternately around the attack, or the whole head pain. Heavy head, such as wrapping, head swelling, tingling or throbbing pain, accompanied by heavy limbs, chest and flank tightness, body drowsiness, aches, and pains or nausea and vomiting.


2. Due to blood & qi deficiency

People who suffer headaches because of blood or qi deficiency or combine blood and qi deficiency together, usually feel low energy, weak, and have the chronic long-term disease, post-surgery.

The main characteristics of blood /qi deficiency headache are: headache(dull pain and last long time ) at the same time often accompanied by dizziness, palpitations, palpitation low energy, iron deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic internal organ disorders.,

3. Due to blood stagnation

Blood stagnation refers to a syndrome caused by the retention of blood stasis in the body. Blood stasis refers to extravasation of blood that is not excreted or dispersed in time and retained in the body; or refers to stagnation of blood in the meridians, vessels or organs and tissues due to inhibited circulation of blood.

People suffer this type of headache usually have a trauma, or by qi stagnation inhibiting blood circulation;or by failure of qi deficiency to propel blood to flow; or by the stagnancy of blood due to retention of pathogenic cold in the vessels.

The main characteristics of blood stagnation headache are: headache(stabbing and cutting pain with fixed location and worsened at night ) at the same time often accompanied by severe menstruation pain in women; amenorrhea or metrorrhagia in women; neck/ shoulders pain, easily get a bruise.


4.Due to excessive liver Yang

Excessive liver yang refers to the syndrome marked by upper sthenia or lower asthenia due to consumption of liver and kidney yin, failure of yin to control yang and hyperactivity of liver yang.

People who suffer this type of headache usually have headaches (distending headache) accompanied by dizziness,  tinnitus, insomnia and dreaminess, bitter taste in mouth, anxiery or high blood pressure.


How do we treat headache/migraine?


When you visit our clinic, we always use traditional Chinese diagnosis methods, include pulse & tongue diagnosis and questioning of your individual signs and symptoms, to check your body and find the cause of the headache.

We will find out exactly the cause of your headache and make a suitable treatment plan, we will combine acupuncture, herbal medication, cupping, scrubbing or other methods.


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