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Acupuncture for Sleeping Disorders

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Sleep is in close relation with the circulation of qi and the conditions of yin and yang. Sleep is also , to a certain degree, in relation to the conditions of qi and blood as well as the function of heart and kidney.


Insomnia is characterized by difficulty in sleeping, or easiness to wake up and difficulty in falling asleep again, or shallow sleep or easiness to be disturbed in sleep, or even inability to sleep all night, usually accompanied by frequent dreaming.

The pathogenesis of insomnia is the failure of yang to enter into yin and failure of spirit to maintain calm. The causes of insomnia are various as follows:

1. It can be caused by depletion of blood or exuberance of fire due to yin deficiency and malnutrition of heart spirit;

2. It can be caused by exuberance of phlegmatic heat inside, or retention of food and disturbance of the heart spirit.

3. If insomnia is accompanied by palpitation, upset, it is caused by deficiency of heart yin.

4. If insomnia is accompanied by palpitation and aching flaccidity of the low back and knees, it is caused by imbalance between the heart and kidney.

5. If easiness to wake up accompanied by palpitation, reduced appetite, it is caused by imbalance between heart and spleen.

6. If disturbed sleep is accompanied by dizziness, timidity, nausea and bitter taste in the mouth, it is caused by gallbladder depression.


Somnolence refers to sleepiness in both daytime and night. Somnolence if often seen in imbalance between yin and yang, usually yang deficiency.

How to treat sleeping issues by acupuncture ?

At all balance wellness centre, we successfully help people to treat the various syndromes that cause insomnia and somnolence with acupuncture and chinese herbs. Our treatment is aimed to regulate the movement of Qi and balance yin and yang, as well as harmonize internal organs including heart , kidney , spleen and gallbladder.

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