Cupping Massage
Since Cupping works particularly well in deep tissues, based on this fact, we use Cupping-Massage technique for those who really need take more care of their deeper tissue problems!
Do not wonder at the dark round marks on somebody in the swimming pool or on an athletes in the TV, it is a fantastic therapy from ancient China and now world widely used.
The advantage of this therapy is to relax the very deep layer tissues and sucks away negative energy from out of your body. Especially when guided with Yin-Yang balance theory, cupping therapy can sometime achieve amazing results!
In our centre, we provide this popular therapy for FREE seriously, when combined with an Acupuncture, Massage or Acupressure treatment.
Take advantage of this great bonus and drainage the negative energy from your body, like the excessive heat, cold or dampness, to name just a few, so you`ll get balanced sooner than ever!
The difference between a cupping-therapy and cupping-massage is that the cups are staying on certain points when doing a therapy, while cups are constantly moved around the areas where deep tissue problems occur, making the circulation enhanced in the deep level, so the tissues get recovered sooner than ever!