To Prevente coronavirus and provide a safe space for everyone in the clinic, we developped some safety protocols according to Manitoba government requirements.

What should you do?

  1. When you make an appointment, we will give you phone screening questionnaire or you can visit Manitoba’s Online COVID-19 Screening Tool. If you’re given the all clear, we welcome you to attend your appointment.

  2. We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment.

  3. You will need to wash your hands or use our hand sanitizer .

  4. You will need to sign screening questionnaire form.

  5. We will assist you at the front desk with payment, insurance paperwork, and any future bookings prior to your appointment. This process will be staggered to ensure the reception area does not build up with clients.


What do we do?


  1. We’ve enhanced our cleaning practices to ensure all areas and fixtures are disinfected daily.

  2. All staff and therapists will be wearing protective face masks, and wil be accessing the self-screening tool before coming into work. Your therapists will thoroughly sanitize their arms and hands between clients.

  3. We will disinfecting the room thoroughly between clients — all surfaces , and any fixture a client may come in contact with.

  4. We will ensure our staff and clients adhere to social distancing wherever possible.


These safety protocols could be updated at anytime.

If you are concerned about any of our protocols or have any feedback for us, please contact us.